DiDi Australia’s commitment to reducing barriers for women to participate in rideshare and achieving a platform made of minimum 40% women and 40% men.


  • DiDi is committed to the goal of becoming a community that reflects Australia’s diverse community.
  • We are committed to addressing existing and new barriers that stand in the way of equal gender representation on our platform
  • We are committed to a culture of respect and inclusiveness
  • We are committed to investing in safety for driver-partners and riders on our platform.


  • Women rideshare drivers are underrepresented on the platform, making up approximately 5% of drivers
  • Women drivers have reported more safety incidents whilst on the platform
  • Women drivers have reported a desire for more control over who they accept trip requests from on the platform
  • Women have reported they are more likely to feel unsafe on a ridesharing trip than men
  • 14% of women riders have felt unsafe during a rideshare trip
  • 38% of women riders are worried about driver behaviour
  • 35% of women riders are afraid of sexual harassment whilst on a trip
  • An option to request a woman driver is the most-requested product by women riders on the platform

OUR FIVE YEAR Action plan

DiDi Australia has embarked on an initial five-year roadmap to increase women driver numbers from less than 5% to 20%, by 2026.

Achieving Equal

Woman driver-partner recruitment

Research and education to better understand and address barriers to entry for women

Women-only Product Line

We are working on a product line to allow women riders a choice to be matched with women drivers


Launched in March 2021, TripChoice allows women drivers a choice to be matched with women riders on a trip

App Improvements

In-app safety features

Our newest safety features include DiDi Sal, TripCheck and Unmatch. We are constantly introducing new features for the safety of the community

Launching ‘Trusted Driver’

We are working on a feature to enable all riders on the platform to opt to be matched with their selected Trusted Drivers 

Research and Education

Disaggregated research projects

To understand the experience and issues of less represented groups within our user base

Safety education programs

Specifically targeting key societal topics such as unconscious bias and gender equity

Extending community support services

Extending community support services to support Australians in need.

Driver User Group

A diverse group of drivers that DiDi will consult with. They will have the opportunity to share their feedback about safety-related matters, product and feature updates

Sector collaboration and education

Engaging with other mobility platforms to improve safety whilst travelling around cities


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