DiDi Delivery for Driver

Earn money delivering goods for stores and people around your city. 

Pickup and drop-off

How it Works


Getting Delivery Requests

Tap to Go Online to start receiving Delivery requests. Don’t worry, you will still get rideshare (i.e. Express) trip requests as well. All Delivery requests are identifiable by the Delivery badge.


Direct Pickup and Verification

After accepting a Delivery request, meet the customer (sender) at their doorstep or in-store kiosk to identify yourself and pick up the item(s). Be sure to check your app as you may receive additional instructions.

For In-store pickups please ensure you: 

  1. Park in designated spots;
  2. Remove your face mask for verification while in the store;
  3. Follow store member’s directions in an emergency.


Carefully Load Into Car

Place all item(s) for delivery in a secure place inside your car. Care must be taken to ensure that item(s) do not get damaged or dislodged during the trip. 


Arrive and Notify

When you have arrived at the drop-off location, tap “Drop off Delivery” in the DiDi app to notify the recipient that you have arrived. 


Drop-off at Doorstep

When delivering Alcohol, Tobacco and other age restricted items, the recipient must collect the order in-person – you cannot leave them unattended. In addition, you must:  

  1. Ask the recipient for ID upon delivery and verify that they are over 18 and that the person collecting the item(s) matches the ID. 
  2. If alcohol, check that the recipient is not drunk before handing over the items.
  3. Follow the prompts in the app to confirm the recipient is over 18 and mark the delivery order as complete.  
  4. What if the recipient was underage, had no ID or was drunk? You must refuse to leave the age-restricted item(s) and return the item(s) to the customer (sender). You may be fined significant amounts for delivering alcohol or tobacco to underage people. Please note: You will be paid for both the delivery and the return-to-sender trips. 

For Non-age Restricted items: 

  1. Drop off the item(s) to the recipient at the given address. 


In-app Payment

DiDi Delivery payments are processed through your DiDi Driver-app at the end of a trip, just like with rideshare.

Level Up on DiDi Advance

DiDi Delivery orders will count towards DiDi Advance – giving you another way to progress through DiDi Advance levels.