We are committed to looking out for each and every member of our community to ensure all drivers and riders feel comfortable, respected, and at ease, while using the DiDi app.

Below are some of the features that you have available on the DiDi Rider app

SOS Emergency Button

With the tap of a button, you can contact law enforcement and emergency services while your trip details and live location will be shared with your Trusted Contacts.



Trusted Contacts

You can share your trip with loved ones, these contacts will be sent your trip details and live location when added.


Share Your Trip Live

Our live GPS tracking allows you to share your itinerary with your trusted contacts and friends. This can be found in the Safety Toolkit.

Driver Screening

To ensure all drivers on the DiDi platform are of the highest quality, drivers can only take trips after passing numerous document verifications and the required background checks.

24/7 Incident Response

Contact our trained Incident Response team through email.

Private Numbers

When a rider and driver contact each other regarding a trip, whether that be before or after, both phone numbers will be anonymised.

Driver and Car Profile

Know who is picking you up and in what vehicle – The driver’s rating, trip amount, profile photo and car information is shown after the driver accepts your trip. Please check the license plate number, car model and colour match the details in the app before entering the vehicle.


If you think that any of your drivers were not up to standard you can now unmatch with them so your trip requests are never dispatched to them again. Please remember if there was a serious incident to report it to us. Likewise, DiDi Driver-partners also have the ability to unmatch from you should they have a negative trip experience with you.

Exceeding Local Government Regulations

DiDi enforces all local government regulations. All drivers must pass numerous document verifications and the required background checks including being accredited to drive in the state they are driving in. There are limitations in the DiDi app to how many hours a driver can be driving for to combat driver fatigue. All vehicles must not exceed the set age of the state they are driving in and must pass an initial inspection and their yearly check-ups. 

Partnering with Law Enforcement

DiDi will assist law enforcement agencies with all investigation requests. Helping the police helps to keep our community safer.

Listening to our Community

Our community is powered by self-reflection. We are always looking for opportunities to improve. We use such listening tools as regular safety surveys, our customer service channels, the Driver Advisory Council, focus groups and other research methods to ensure the features and procedures we create are fit for you.