DiDi Delivery

Power your business with instant and affordable delivery

24/7 Instant Delivery

Dispatch your products to customers, friends and family around your metro area with 24/7 delivery.

Send Multiple Packages

Add up to 3 drop off points in a single delivery – save on delivery fees by booking multiple parcels at a time.

Live Tracking

Easily track your deliveries in the app. Get real-time alerts.

Affordable Delivery Prices

We know every penny counts, especially during these uncertain times. That’s why we offer low and affordable delivery fees. 

Delivery Price by Distance*
Distance Melbourne Sydney
2 km $6.60 $8.90
5 km $9.40 $12.20
10 km $14.10 $18.90

* Illustrative price in Melbourne and Sydney, actual price may differ.

Getting Started

Simply download the DiDi app in the App Store or Google Play and request a DiDi Delivery.