Start earning with 10% Services Fee on all Deliveries

Earn money delivering goods for stores and people around your city. 

Introducing DiDi Delivery

DiDi Delivery is an on-demand delivery service allowing Australians to send and receive parcels – all delivered by DiDi drivers. There are two ways to receive deliveries – In-store or Personal.

Pick-up goods from convenience stores, florists, restaurants, and other retailers

Move personal items from door to door for individuals

Pickup and drop-off

How it works 


Getting Delivery Requests

Tap to Go Online to start receiving Delivery requests. Don’t worry, you will still get rideshare (i.e. Express) trip requests as well. All Delivery requests are identifiable by the Delivery badge.


Direct Pickup and Verification

After accepting a Delivery request, meet the customer (sender) at their doorstep or in-store kiosk to identify yourself and pick up the item(s). Be sure to check your app as you may receive additional instructions.

For In-store pickups please ensure you: 

  1. Park in designated spots;
  2. Remove your face mask for verification while in the store;
  3. Follow store member’s directions in an emergency.


Carefully Load Into Car

Place all item(s) for delivery in a secure place inside your car. Care must be taken to ensure that item(s) do not get damaged or dislodged during the trip. 


Arrive and Notify

When you have arrived at the drop-off location, tap “Drop off Delivery” in the DiDi app to notify the recipient that you have arrived. 


Drop-off at Doorstep

When delivering Alcohol, Tobacco and other age restricted items, the recipient must collect the order in-person – you cannot leave them unattended. In addition, you must:  

  1. Ask the recipient for ID upon delivery and verify that they are over 18 and that the person collecting the item(s) matches the ID. 
  2. If alcohol, check that the recipient is not drunk before handing over the items.
  3. Follow the prompts in the app to confirm the recipient is over 18 and mark the delivery order as complete.  
  4. What if the recipient was underage, had no ID or was drunk? You must refuse to leave the age-restricted item(s) and return the item(s) to the customer (sender). You may be fined significant amounts for delivering alcohol or tobacco to underage people. Please note: You will be paid for both the delivery and the return-to-sender trips. 

For Non-age Restricted items: 

  1. Drop off the item(s) to the recipient at the given address. 


In-app Payment

DiDi Delivery payments are processed through your DiDi Driver-app at the end of a trip, just like with rideshare.

Level Up on DiDi Advance

DiDi Delivery orders will count towards DiDi Advance – giving you another way to progress through DiDi Advance levels. 

Undelivered Alcohol, Tobacco & Age-restricted Items

How it works


Gather all items for Return

The full delivery order must be loaded into your car for return, including the recipient’s non-age restricted item(s). 

For example: Jane ordered cigarettes and doughnuts. However, upon delivery of the items Jane was unable to show a valid ID. You will then need to return both the cigarettes and doughnuts to the store.  


Contact Store

Tap on the age verification banner to ‘Contact Store’ and start the returns process with the store. 


Get SMS Instructions

You’ll receive an SMS to the mobile number connected to your DiDi account to give you further instructions on your undelivered item(s). 


Return Immediately

In the instance where you receive instructions to return the item(s) to store, ‘Go Offline’ in the DiDi app and follow instructions to return the item(s) immediately.  You will be paid for the return-to-sender trip.


Payment for the Return Trip

You will be paid for the return trip and will receive payment in your next weekly payment cycle.

Undelivered In-store Items

How it works


Tap the ≡ icon to notify of undelivered item(s)

Locate the phone icon above ‘Customer Support’ to contact the store for instructions. 


To continue, complete the order in app

To proceed with your return tap ‘Complete order’.

*In case you are required to return to the store for any reason you will be paid for the return trip in your next payment cycle. 


Delivery Restrictions for Personal Item(s)

Size restrictions

DiDi Delivery suggests the following limits for delivery:

  • Maximum number of items 6 (bags / boxes)
  • Maximum weight limit of 20kg per item
  • Maximum item volume: 60 x 60 x 60 cm

Delivery drivers may cancel a request if they have difficulty lifting any items, delivery exceeds size guidelines or are asked to pick up prohibited items.  When accepting a Delivery request, we recommend calling the customer to confirm the type of items (contents, weight, size) being delivered.

Prohibited Items

You should not complete Delivery requests that involve or relate to any of the following:

  • Any unlawful, illegal, fraudulent, hazardous, or harmful items or activities, including those relating to weapons and drugs.
  • Any misleading, deceptive, unethical or immoral activities;
  • Any items or activities contrary to DiDi Australia’s values; or
  • Any items or activity that in DiDi Australia’s opinion may cause reputational damage or harm to DiDi Australia.

For a detailed list of prohibited items refer to this link.

Safety Guidelines

Hand hygiene. Always wash hands before and after a trip.

Confirm the customer. Always confirm the customer and recipient’s identity by asking what is their name.

Alcohol and Tobacco Guidelines

In cases where your delivery contains age-restricted items such as tobacco products or alcohol, you will be prompted in the DiDi app to verify the recipient’s age. 


If the recipient appears under the age of 25, will be required to ask for a valid form of ID from the recipient to ensure that they are above 18 years of age before handing over the items. Acceptable forms of ID include: Australian Driver License, Learner Permit, Proof of Age Card, Australian or Foreign Passport. 


If the recipient is unable to provide a valid form of ID or is underage or is drunk, then you must refuse to leave the age-restricted items, and you should return the full order to the customer (sender). You may be fined significant amounts for delivering alcohol or tobacco to underage or drunk people. Please note: You will be paid for both the delivery and the return-to-sender trips. 

Food Delivery Guidelines

DiDi Delivery recommends you comply with the applicable Food Standards Code set out by Food Safety Standards Australia.

  • Use temperature controlled storage bags.
  • Keep your vehicle and temperature controlled bags in clean and good condition.
  • Take the quickest route from pick up to delivery.
  • Deliver all food within 30 minutes of pick up.
  • For delivery of perishable foods (such as fish, fruit, milk and seafood), keep them cool during transport.  Where possible, avoid placing food in direct sunlight. Hot foods (such as takeaway food and certain grocery items) must be kept hot.
  • Don’t touch food and beverages and ask the seller to pack the items appropriately.
  • Maintain an appropriate distance if you are delivering food by placing the delivery as advised by the recipient of the delivery (for example, on the ground by the door).
  • Do not leave food unattended at the time of delivery unless arrangements have been made with the recipient.
Community Guidelines
  • A DiDi Delivery should be a positive experience for everyone. Be fair, transparent and respectful with every Delivery.
  • If you are unable to locate the recipient after waiting 3 minutes at the drop-off location, contact the customer and ask them if they would like to leave the parcel at the drop-off location or return the parcel to the sender.


Is the list of prohibited items a complete list?

The list of prohibited items is not a complete list of the types of things that cannot be delivered via DiDi Delivery. You should also exercise your own reasonable judgment as to what is acceptable.

Can I inspect the items before loading it into my vehicle?

You should inspect (but not open) any parcels you collect to make sure they are not damaged.  If they are, before you accept them, discuss this with the customer.

What if I feel uncomfortable with handling an item?

If you have any apprehensions or are uncomfortable with handling any items that are not on the prohibited items list, you can contact the customer directly to discuss further.

If you are still apprehensive or uncomfortable, you can inform the customer and cancel the order.

Am I eligible for DiDi Delivery?

If your DiDi Advance Level is at Gold or above, you will be eligible for DiDi Delivery (subject to product availability in your city).  

What type of items can I expect to deliver?

DiDi Delivery is intended for parcel delivery only.  

How do I know I am picking up a Delivery?

Requests that come through your app will show you if the request is Delivery, Express, Max, etc.

What happens if I cannot locate the recipient?

If you are unable to locate the recipient after waiting 3 minutes at the drop-off location, contact the customer and ask them if they would like to leave the parcel at the drop-off location or return the parcel to the customer. 

What happens if I cannot locate the recipient and the customer is uncontactable?

Leave the parcel in a safe place near the drop-off location and message the customer using DiDi’s in-app chat with the details of where you have placed the parcel. 

Can I stop receiving Delivery requests?

Yes, to stop DiDi Delivery requests temporarily, turn off the option through “Trip Settings” anytime in the DiDi-Driver app.

Can I inspect the package?

If you need to inspect the package (e.g. it is fragile or you think it might be prohibited items), please ask the customer to show you the contents. If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t accept the package and instead cancel the order.