Meet DiDi Sal


Stay safe with Sal, your in-trip pal

We’re constantly working hard to improve the safety of our users. That’s why we’re introducing ‘DiDi Sal’, a new in-trip safety assistant that works together with existing safety features to help keep you safe. While DiDi Sal is only available in Brisbane for now, we’re looking forward to introducing it to the rest of Australia soon.

Find out more about DiDi Sal below.

What DiDi Sal Can Do:

Safety Messages and Alerts

DiDi Sal sends helpful safety messages and alerts during your trip to check if everything’s A-OK.

Safety at Your Fingertips

To make your ride a little safer and your life a little easier you can also tap on DiDi Sal’s shield to access DiDi’s four feature Safety Toolkit.

Learn New Skills

with app updates DiDi Sal will pick up new safety tricks to help give you added peace of mind.

Integrated Experience

DiDi Sal is integrated with TripCheck and other key safety features to make sure your tools are ready for you if you need them.

What DiDi Sal Can Do:

SOS Button

Contact ‘000’ in an emergency, or if you ever feel unsafe

Unmatch drivers

Unmatch with any driver you feel wasn’t up to scratch and they’ll no longer receive your trip requests

Share trip

Share your trip details with your friends and family with the tap of a button

Private Numbers

Anonymised phone numbers allow you to contact the driver without your real number being shown

Hidden Addresses

To protect your personal information, your specific pick up and drop off addresses are hidden after the trip finishes.

Driver Screening

To ensure all DiDi driver-partners are of the highest quality, they’re required to pass a series of safety verifications and background checks prior to driving.

Facial Verification

Facial verification matches a picture of your driver against the approved profile picture to make sure that it is not someone else driving.


If anything unusual is detected during your trip you will receive a notification. If there is a problem our safety toolkit and SOS button will be made available to you.