10% SERVICES FEE offer!

We’re giving you the opportunity to maximise your earnings this festive season!

See more information and full terms and conditions below.

We want to provide you with the best experience possible while keeping your pockets EXTRA full this Chrissy, so we’ll be replacing our current DiDi Advance Services Fee structure.

From Monday 29 November 2021 to Sunday 30 January 2022, we’re offering all drivers* an industry-leading Services Fee of 10% for every trip, regardless of:

  • DiDi Advance Level
  • Weekly trip count 
  • Acceptance Rate (AR)
  • Completion Rate (CR)

However, you’ll still enjoy DiDi Advance benefits (like fuel and car maintenance) based on the current level requirements. 

For Diamond level driver-partners, you’ll continue to enjoy a 5% Services Fee (should this level be achieved). 

In addition to this offer, we’ve got some juicy promotions coming your way. So as always, keep your eyes peeled! 

What’s Happening?

Final Week of Dynamic Services Fee

Phew! This is the last week that your level will affect your Services Fee (5%-20%)*. 

*All levels except Diamond. Diamond level will retain a 5% Services Fee.


10% Services Fee

Nice one! As of today, all driver-partners will receive an industry-leading Services Fee of 10%* regardless of weekly trip count, Acceptance Rate (AR) or Completion Rate (CR), or the level you’re at. 

*Unless Diamond level is achieved, in which case you will enjoy a low 5% Services Fee.


Stay Tuned!

We’ve got some exciting promotions coming your way this festive season. So as always, keep your eyes peeled!


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