Our All-New Approach to Service Fees

We’re revamping our current DiDi Advance Fee structure

At DiDi, we’re always looking for new and exciting ways to improve your experience and help boost your earnings. That’s why we’re making changes to our Services Fee structure and DiDi Advance. 

Changes to Services Fee

From the 16th May 2022, all drivers will earn a flat 15% Services Fee for every trip, regardless of:

  • DiDi Advance Level
  • Weekly trip count 
  • Acceptance Rate (AR)
  • Completion Rate (CR)

However, you’ll still enjoy DiDi Advance benefits (like fuel and car maintenance) based on the current level requirements. 

What’s Happening?

Final Week of Dynamic Services Fee

This is the last week that your DiDi Advance level will affect your Services Fee (5%-20%).


15% Services Fee

Nice one! As of this day, all driver-partners will receive an industry-leading Services Fee of 15%* regardless of weekly trip count, Acceptance Rate (AR) or Completion Rate (CR), or your DiDi Advance level.


* Up until and including Monday May 16, 2022, the dynamic Services Fee will still be in place. 

Changes to DiDi Advance

We’ve removed Quest targets to introduce a new system, the DiDi Advance Score. 

  1. Drivers will now be rewarded if a rider gives them a 5-Star Rating.
  2. Less focus on trip targets, more on creating great experiences for the rideshare community.
  3. A simpler system to help you track your progress.

Watch to Learn More

5 Star Tips


Let them know when you’ve arrived or if you’ll be late

Smooth Ride

Take pride in providing a safe and easy drive

First Impressions Count

Make sure your car is squeaky clean and scent free

Done for the Day?

Remember to log off so you don’t lose points for declining or missing trip requests

Warm Welcome

A friendly smile can kick start a great conversation

What’s changing?

We’re making changes to how we calculate your weekly DiDi Advance level.

Drivers will now be rewarded if a passenger gives them a 5-star rating

Less focus on trip targets, more on providing great experiences

A simpler system to help you track your progress

Exclusive driver-partner perks from day 1

Fuel Discounts

Save up to 10 cents per litre at participating 7-Eleven fuel stores.

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Car Maintenance Discounts

Get exclusive discounts up to 16% when you book a car service or repair at UltraTune. 

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Insurance Discounts

Stay insured with Share Cover to enjoy 5% off part time cover and 10% off full time cover.

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Tyre Discounts

Keep your tyres in check with an extra 5% off published prices on tyresales.com.au

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