DiDi Advance

Drive for the rideshare with rewards.

DiDi Advance is changing the way driver-partners earn by rewarding the most committed drivers with lower services fees and bonus perks.

Why DiDi Advance

New drivers start on Diamond Level (5% Services Fee) for the first two weeks

Industry-leading average services fees

Provides drivers with perks and lower services fees

Services Fee benefits

DiDi Advance introduces four different levels of benefits with varying Services Fees and perks.

A higher DiDi Advance level means lower service fees, which means more money for you as a driver.

DiDi Advance Level & Program Fee (inclusive of GST)

Diamond Badge Icon


Platinum Badge Icon


Gold Badge Icon


Silver Badge Icon


5% 10% 15% 20%

How DiDi Advance works

As a new Driver-partner, you’ll be allocated Diamond level during your first two weeks of getting your account approved, to help you get familiar with the program. During this time you’ll enjoy an industry leading service fee of 5% for your first two weeks. 

From then, every Monday you’ll receive Quests with targets. Your performance this week sets next week’s level. Your level is refreshed and allocated every Monday. The better your Quest performance, the higher your DiDi Advance level will be next week.

Types of Quests

Total Trip

(Weekly Acceptance Rate)

(Weekly Completion Rate)