DiDi Advance Score

What’s changing?

We’re making changes to how we calculate your weekly DiDi Advance level.

Drivers will now be rewarded if a passenger gives them a 5-star rating

Less focus on trip targets, more on providing great experiences

A simpler system to help you track your progress

5 Star Tips


Let them know when you’ve arrived or if you’ll be late

Smooth Ride

Take pride in providing a safe and easy drive

First impressions Count

Make sure your car is squeaky clean and scent free

Done for the day?

Remember to log off so you don’t lose points for declining or missing trip requests

Warm Welcome

A friendly smile can kick start a great conversation

Advance Score

Services fee

115 +


85 – 114


77 – 84


0 – 76


Exclusive Discounts & Benefits

Fuel Discounts

Drivers can save up to 10 cents per litre at participating 7-Eleven fuel stores.

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Car Maintenance Discounts

Get exclusive discounts up to 16% when you book a car service or repair at UltraTune. 

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Insurance Discounts

Stay insured with Share Cover as a DiDi Driver-partner with 5% off part time cover or 10% off full time cover.

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Keep your tyres in check with an extra 5% off published prices on tyresales.com.au

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Who has access to DiDi Advance Score?

As of August 23, 2021, we are trialing DiDi Advance Score to a small number of drivers on the Gold Coast. Please check your DiDi Advance home page in the app to see if you have access.

How does DiDi Advance Score work?

Every Monday, all eligible drivers will receive the same number of points. You win or lose points depending on your activity during the week, with your weekly score setting the following week’s DiDi Advance level.

How many points do I get every week?

All drivers on the Gold Coast will start with 80 points every Monday. You then win or lose points depending on your activity during the week.

How do I win points?

  • Complete a trip +1
  • Receive a 5 star rating + 1

When are points lost?

  • Decline a trip -2
  • Cancel a trip -4
  • Cause a rider to cancel a trip -4
  • Have a trip that is Flagged -4

What are Flagged trips?

Trips are Flagged when you:

  • Tap “Arrived” before reaching the pick up point
  • Start a trip before the passenger enters the vehicle
  • Take an unnecessary detour
  • Fail to tap ‘Complete Trip’ promptly when the passenger leaves the car

How many points will I win or lose?

Depending on your activities throughout the week, you will win or lose a varying amount of points. Please refer to the “How it Works” section on the DiDi Advance homepage to understand how DiDi Advance Score is calculated.

When does my Advance Score reset?

Your Advance Score resets every Monday at 5am.

My friend has the old DiDi Advance, why?

As we are trialing DiDi Advance Score, we have selected only a few drivers at random to try this feature. Your friend was most likely not selected for this initial trial.

Is DiDi Advance Score here to stay?

We are keeping DiDi Advance Score exclusive to selected Gold Coast drivers until further notice. After our initial 4 week trial, we’ll be sure to let you know if it’s rolling out to other cities. We would love to hear your feedback, so please share your thoughts here https://d.didiglobal.com/eBfFC5.

Can I share feedback about DiDi Advance Score?

We at DiDi value feedback both from our riders and driver-partners. If you have any feedback, please feel free to share it with us here https://d.didiglobal.com/eBfFC5.