How do I become a DiDi Share driver?

The Share service will be available between 6:00 – 22:00 from 19 April 2021 onwards. All drivers will be able to receive and accept DiDi Share trips. 

It is our plan to make DiDi Share rides gradually available to more drivers in other cities and states.

How it works?

Ordering a DiDi Share is almost the same as ordering a DiDi Express. Simply:

Step 1: Each trip request is marked with the trip type, letting you know upfront that it is a “Share” trip. 

Step 2: Drive to the pick up point shown on the map. Swipe “Arrived for pickup” when you arrive and wait for the riders to enter your vehicle. 

Note: As DiDi Share riders are required to walk a short distance to their pickup location, they’ll have 3 mins to arrive before you can cancel the trip and receive a Cancellation Fee.

Step 3: When the rider(s) have arrived for pickup, you’ll need to double check and confirm that the number of riders present matches the number detailed in the trip request. You must also ensure that they are both seated in the back seats.

Once confirmed, tap “Arrived for pickup”. After the rider(s) have entered the vehicle and buckled up, tap “Start trip” to get directions to the next pickup point or destination. 

What if more riders showed up at the pickup point than shown in the request?  Please advise them that you cannot take their trip and cancel. Rest assured that your Completion Rate (CR) won’t be affected. 

Step 4: During your ride to the destination, you may receive another Share trip request. In this instance, you can continue to the pickup point and repeat the steps above. 

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

How to accept a DiDi Share trip request?

Accepting a DiDi Share trip is the same as accepting a DiDi Express trip. You will receive a notification when a rider has requested a DiDi Share trip in the DiDi Share service area and service times.

How is DiDi Share’s fare calculated and how much will DiDi take from it?

You will receive a flat 10% Services Fee on all DiDi Share trips, regardless of your DiDi Advance level. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if a rider requests changes to the pickup location?

With DiDi Share, the pickup location is determined by our system to ensure that the trip route is the most efficient with minimal detours. If a rider asks to be picked up from somewhere other than the pickup location as displayed on the app, we suggest that you kindly remind the rider that they need to head to the pickup location as per our app so that DiDi Share trips can continue smoothly for everyone. Rest assured, this will not affect your rating if the rider makes a complaint based on this reason.

If the rider wants to request a ride from a new location or isn’t willing to walk to the pickup location, they should cancel the trip and request for a DiDi Express ride.

What should I do if a rider brings more than one other rider?

You can remind the rider that they have opted to share their ride with other passengers for a more affordable fare on this DiDi Share trip. If they prefer to have a private ride, you can offer to end the trip early and suggest they request DiDi Express.

You can refuse to pick up a passenger if they are trying to bring more riders than they’ve requested. It will not affect your rating if there is a complaint by the rider as a result.

As always, please make sure you pick up the right passengers by asking for their names when they enter your car.

What should I do if a rider asked to change the route or destination?

To ensure DiDi Share trips are smooth and efficient with minimal detours, the route and pickup/drop off order is determined by our smart algorithms. Riders cannot change route or destination during a DiDi Share trip. You can refuse to change the route or destination if the rider asks you to change these during a trip. Your rating will not be affected if there is a complaint by a rider because of this.

What should I do if the rider is not at the pickup location when I arrive?

We recommend calling the rider if they are not at the pickup location when you arrive. You will receive a Cancellation Fee if the rider has not arrived at the pickup location after you’ve waited for 3 minutes or more at the pickup location.

How does the DiDi Share Cancellation Fee work?

We know how disappointing and time-consuming it can be when you accept a request only to have it cancelled by a rider. For this reason, when a rider is considered at fault for the cancellation, a Cancellation Fee will apply.

Here’s how it works:

Before your arrival:

  1. If you cancel before you arrive at the pickup location, you’re not eligible for a Cancellation Fee. Your Completion Rate (CR) will also be affected.
  2. If your rider cancels the trip 5 minutes after you have accepted the trip request, you’ll be eligible for a Cancellation Fee.

After your arrival:

  1. If you’re at the pickup location and the rider cancels the trip, you’ll be eligible for a Cancellation Fee.
  2. If you’ve waited for 3 minutes or more at the pickup point, you may cancel the trip and be eligible for a Cancellation Fee.
  3. If you’ve waited for less than 3 minutes at the pickup location and you cancel the trip, you’ll not be eligible for a Cancellation Fee and your Completion Rate (CR) may be affected.

Please note – if there is a significant difference between where your trip started and the actual pickup point, the trip will be reviewed.

Who will pay for the toll during the DiDi Share trip?

DiDi will cover the cost of a toll fee during a DiDi Share trip.

Do DiDi share trips count towards DiDi Advance?

Yes, Driver-partners can use DiDi Share trips to quickly level up in DiDi Advance. Driver partners can multiply trip numbers by up to 2 in one DiDi Share trip.

🙋 Have more questions or feedback? Contact our Customer Support team 24/7 and we’ll be able to help!