Driver - Account

How can I improve my rating?

We asked riders what they appreciate most about drivers, here’s what they valued most:

  • When drivers are friendly and greet riders when they get in and out of the car
  • When drivers offer to assist riders with luggage, without having to ask
  • Riders really enjoy being offered treats such as chewing gum, water and charging cables during the trip
  • When drivers ask if riders have preferred routes or if they would prefer to follow the GPS
  • Clean and tidy cars with minimal odours —You can also find specific rider feedback in your app, under Account > Star Rating.

The following guidelines can also help you stay on top of your rating:

★ Social Cues on Cue

  • Always offer a friendly greeting to riders
  • Keep conversations polite & appropriate
  • Extra tip: Ask riders if there is a radio station they prefer

★ Squeaky Clean Wheels

  • Keep your vehicle clean and free of strong smells
  • Ensure essential functions are working properly

★ Smooth, Safe and Responsible Driving

  • Always follow the speed limit and road rules
  • Ensure riders wear their seatbelt
  • Take regular breaks and avoid fatigue

★ 5-Star Service, 5-Star Rating

  • Arrive at the pickup point on time
  • Check with riders for their preferred route
  • Remind riders to take their belongings 
  • Notify riders of any necessary tolls or fees


Where do I upload / update driver documents?

To upload or update your documents, tap the driver icon on the top-left of the screen > Documents.

Please note: the documents required for registering with DiDi depend on state regulations you’re registering in. 

For details on which documents are required for your state, please visit:



Can I drive in multiple cities?

The answer is yes! Driver-partners are able to drive in other cities of the same state. This means that you can only drive in the state which you are registered in. For example, if you are registered in QLD, you can drive in multiple cities of QLD.

How do I receive new Stickers / Referral Cards?

Once your DiDi registration is approved, you’ll automatically be sent a DiDi Welcome Kit to your address (if you have provided one). Please allow 3-7 business days to receive your Welcome Pack. 

The Welcome Kit includes DiDi vehicle stickers and referral cards customised with your referral code. Most states and territories’ regulations require that you display signs indicating that the vehicle is being used to provide passenger services. Penalties may apply if you do not comply with such requirements. 

When you’re running low on your DiDi referral cards or you think it’s time for a new vehicle sticker for your windscreen, you can order more with the link listed below:


How do I update my bank details?

To update your bank account details, tap $ on the upper-right corner of the homepage, then tap Balance > Bank Account Information and enter your bank details. Please ensure all of your details are correct, then tap Submit!

If you’re yet to add a bank card, simply tap $ > Add Bank Card.  


How do I update my account info?

To update your account information, tap Account > your profile picture > your name. You can update your name and profile picture here. 

To update your mobile number, password and email, tap Account > Account Details > Update Account Info 

To update your car details, follow the same steps and tap My Vehicle.


Driver - Earnings

I haven’t received my Weekly Earnings

Your Weekly Earnings are deposited into your chosen bank account every Monday and should be available on the same day. If a public holiday falls on a Monday, your Weekly Earnings will be deposited the following day (Tuesday).

If you still haven’t received your earnings (and it isn’t a public holiday), we recommend doing the following steps: 

  1. Ensure your bank details are correct
  2. Contact your bank to ensure your account status is “normal” (not closed or frozen)

Once you’ve corrected your bank details, your Weekly Earnings will be deposited into your account as soon as possible. If you’re still unable to receive your earnings, please reach out to our Customer Support team for assistance.



Why was my payment withheld?

Your payment may be withheld if we detect dishonest or fraudulent behaviour that breaches our policies. Such behaviour includes, but is not limited to, abusing DiDi’s offers and rewards system, or holding duplicate accounts.  

For further information, please refer to our Anti-Fraud Policy by heading to Account > Settings > Legal in the DiDi-Driver app, or by heading to


Where can I view my trip earnings?

To view your trip earnings, tap the ‘$’ in the upper-right corner of your screen. Here, you can view your daily and weekly earnings. You can also tap Balance, My Trips or Referral Rewards for more details!

How are my Weekly Earnings calculated?

Your Weekly Earnings are calculated over a one (1) week period: from Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59. The amount is then deposited into your chosen bank account the following Monday and should be available on the same day. However, if a public holiday falls on a Monday, your Weekly Earnings will be deposited the following day (Tuesday).

Please note: your total Weekly Earnings are subject to the relevant taxes, DiDi’s Services Fee and any applicable fees. To view a detailed fare breakdown of every trip, please head to Trip History > Fare Details.


How do Rewards work?

We may offer driver-partners a variety of rewards to boost their earnings. You can check the latest reward offerings in Notifications on the homepage, or by heading to Trip List on the Earnings page. 

Please note: to redeem any of our offers, you may need to meet certain requirements. This includes, but is not limited to, maintaining a high Acceptance Rate (AR), Completion Rate (CR) and Star Rating. 

For more info on specific rewards and how they work / how they’re paid, please view the relevant reward page.


Why didn’t my trip earnings include Dynamic Pricing?

Dynamic Pricing applies during periods of high demand. This means your rider’s trip fare may be slightly higher than usual and ensures that there are enough drivers to accept trip requests during this time. You’ll be able to tell this by the multiplier that is added to the Base, Time, Waiting and Distance Fares. 

Please note: fees such as Airport Fee, State Government Transport Levy, CTP Fee, Booking Fee, GST and tolls aren’t subject to the Dynamic Pricing Multiplier.

To avoid any confusion, you can check your trip details before you accept the trip (Request > Dynamic Pricing) and after the trip (My Trips > Dynamic Pricing).


Driver - Fare and Fees

Upfront Fares

Upfront Fares are available in all cities where DiDi operates and have been introduced to give riders certainty (up to a certain point) of the price they will pay for their trip. Please keep in mind that Upfront Fares don’t account for additional stops, change of destination or unexpected detours. If the actual trip varies significantly from the estimated Upfront Fare, the fare will be adjusted accordingly. We’ll still be calculating Real-Time Fares during trips to ensure that any unexpected detours / peak-hour traffic will result in an updated fare for the rider. We’ll also be constantly monitoring trips to ensure that all fare changes are fair for both riders and drivers. 


Missing tolls

Each time you drive through a toll during a trip, the toll fee amount is automatically added to the trip fare. 

If you find you are missing a toll amount, please contact Customer Support and provide us with the following details:

– The trip you are missing a toll from 

– The toll name 

– The amount missing

If we determine that a toll amount was missing, we’ll add this toll to the next payment cycle and this will reflect in your payment statement (under ‘Other’). 


How does the Cancellation Fee work?

We understand it can be frustrating when your trip is cancelled by a rider. That’s why we’ve got Cancellations Fees in place to keep things fair for all our users. Each city has its own cancellation rules. For details, please visit our Cancellation Policy in the DiDi Driver app > Account > Settings > Legal. 

If you believe you’re missing a Cancellation Fee, please reach out to us by tapping your profile picture > Service Centre > Fare Related > Contact Us > Email Customer Support.


How are fares calculated?

Fares are calculated by the following:

  • Base Fare: a flat fare charged once the rider enters the car and you start the trip.  
  • Distance Fare: a fare that is charged based on the distance travelled. This fare may vary depending on the city and the threshold distance. An extra charge may be applicable after a specific distance.
  • Time Fare: a fare charged for the duration of the trip (from pickup to drop off). This includes time your driver spent waiting for you and time spent in traffic. This includes the time your driver spent waiting for you and time spent in traffic, etc and may vary depending on the city.
  • Short Distance Fee: applicable to trips that are less than 7 km (Brisbane and Geelong only).
  • GST / other relevant taxes. 

Other charges may include:

  • Tolls
  • State Government Transport Levy
  • Waiting Fees
  • Cancellation Fees
  • Changes to the Base Fare because of Dynamic Pricing periods

To view a detailed fare breakdown of every trip, please head to Trip History > Fare Details.



How do I request a Cleaning Fee?

If a rider makes a mess / damages your vehicle and this prevents you from accepting further trip requests, you can request a Cleaning Fee to help cover the cost of cleaning. Please note: if the rider has a valid reason for disputing this fee, then you may not be able to receive the Cleaning Fee.

To request a Cleaning Fee, please contact Customer Support and provide us with all of the following information:

  1. The trip details
  2. Photos of the mess / damage (these must be taken from multiple angles)
  3. A photo of you with the mess / damage while holding your driver’s licence
  4. A photo of the cleaning receipt from a professional cleaning company (must be provided within 7 days and include a valid ABN)


Once we’ve received all of the information, we’ll determine the severity of the mess / damage based on the following criteria:

  • $40.00 — Moderate Mess / Damage: This may include moderate spills, stains or smudges caused by food, liquid or other substances.
  • $80.00 — Major Mess / Damage: This may include major spills, stains or smudges caused by food, liquid or other substances.
  • $150.00 — Severe Mess / Damage: This may include severe spills, stains or smudges caused by food, liquid or other substances.


Important: the amounts shown above represent the maximum amounts that can apply. The Cleaning Fee amount will be based on the extent of the mess / damage and will correspond with the amount shown on your cleaning receipt (to the extent that the invoice amount doesn’t exceed the maximum limit). We’ll also review your trip history to verify that you were unable to continue accepting trip requests as a result of the mess / damage. If the rider lodges a dispute, or you request multiple Cleaning Fees, we’ll review the situation carefully. Please keep in mind that attempting to obtain a Cleaning Fee by dishonest or fraudulent means is against our Anti-Fraud Policy and may result in account suspension / deactivation.


Driver - Sign-Up

How do I sign up as a driver-partner?

You can sign up through the DiDi-Driver app, which you can download through the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

  1. Sign up with your phone number and email address. Enter your basic information and ABN number. Make sure you are GST registered.
  2. Upload the required documents for your state (please see the details in Document Requirements below).
  3. It takes up to 3 business days to review the uploaded documents. Once approved, your account will be active and you can log in to start driving.

NSW: View Driver Required Documents for NSW.

VIC: View Driver Required Documents for VIC.

QLD: View Driver Required Documents for QLD.

What signage requirements do I need?

While signage requirements differ across each state and territory, drivers must ensure that they comply with the signage requirements applicable to their particular area of operation.

In order to assist drivers with their obligations, DiDi provides the required number of removable window stickers with pre-approved DiDi logo (“DiDi signs”). The DiDi signs are retroreflective, in a square shape and at least 146mm x 146mm in size. If needed, drivers can request additional DiDi signs at one of our Driver Hubs or by contacting us directly.

Please note: it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that the DiDi signs are properly displayed as required by the local regulations. Drivers who fail to comply with the regulatory requirements may be subject to a penalty imposed by local authorities. DiDi will not indemnify any driver for any penalties issued to the driver in relation to the driver’s failure to comply with the relevant signage requirements.

Drivers should carefully review the relevant sections below for the specific requirements applying to them. Please review this section regularly as DiDi may amend these guidelines from time to time to reflect the legislative and regulatory updates. For further and latest information on the relevant regulatory requirements, please refer to the website of the Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (“CPVV”). Drivers can obtain the CPVV sign from their website.

By way of guidance, drivers must ensure that:

  • At least one DiDi sign or CPVV sign is displayed;
  • The DiDi sign or CPVV sign displayed is incapable of being removed by a person seated in the driver’s seat of the vehicle; and
  • The DiDi sign or CPVV sign is clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle.

Tip: Apply the DiDi sign or CPVV sign on the rear windscreen

Drivers must also ensure that, whenever they use their vehicle for purposes other than providing transportation services to passengers using DiDi’s App (ie when you are not logged into DiDi’s App), they remove all DiDi signage from the vehicle.

How to download the DiDi Driver app

To download the DiDi app and get started, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Head to the App Store or Google Play and search for ‘DiDi Driver’
  2. Download and install the DiDi Driver app
  3. Open the app and register using your details

How long does it take to register?

Once you’ve submitted your driver application, please allow 3-5 business days for us to review your application. If you wish to enquire about your application, please wait until after this time to do so.

What are DiDi’s car requirements?

We strive to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone using our platform. For this reason, all vehicles registered with DiDi must be:

– In excellent working condition (with functioning windows and air conditioning)

– Free from cosmetic damage and commercial branding

– A 4-door car / van

– No more than 8 seats (including the driver’s seat)

– Able to pass annual vehicle inspection

– Registered in the state where the vehicle is driven

– Registered as a Commercial Passenger Vehicle (CPV). Please note: the driver does not need to upload this document.

– Covered by Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance. Please note: the driver does not need to upload this document.


My driver registration was unsuccessful

Once you’ve submitted your driver application, please allow 3-5 business days for your account to be registered. If you wish to inquire about your application, please wait until after this time to do so.

If your registration was unsuccessful, you’ll be notified of the reason via SMS. If this happens, you can view any declined material and re-submit any new / valid documents for our team to reassess.

Common reasons your registration may be unsuccessful include:

– Submitting invalid or expired documents / certificates

– Not submitting all the required documents / certificates

– Providing inconsistent or false documents / certificates

– Providing incomplete documents

– Providing blurry / unclear documents where details cannot be seen

To ensure a smooth registration process, we recommend you double-check all of your documents before submitting.


Registering for an ABN or GST

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) expects all rideshare driver-partners to have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and register for GST. Please note: having an ABN doesn’t mean you’re automatically registered for GST. Additionally, we’re unable to issue GST compliant tax invoices on behalf of driver-partners who don’t upload an ABN.

To obtain an ABN and register for GST, you can complete the process online through the Australian Business Register (ABR). You can also register your ABN for GST through their website (please ensure you have your Tax File Number (TFN) handy). If you accidentally miss this step, you can always register your ABN for GST by following the online prompts or contacting the ABR directly.

When completing the ABN registration process, your tax agent may recommend using ‘ride-sourcing’ as your business description. You can also use the following categories:

– 46239 Road Passenger Transport

– 46231 Taxi Services


To apply for an ABN and/or GST please use the following links:

Apply for your ABN –,-Super-funds—Charities/applying-for-an-ABN/

If you already have an ABN, you can register for GST here –

For more info, see the Australian Taxation Office website here –—What-you-need-to-know/

See info on ridesharing from the ATO here –


For more information on applying for an ABN or GST, you can contact the ATO on 13 72 26.


Car inspections

You’re required to submit a current commercial passenger vehicle inspection report. A vehicle inspection report must be less than 12 months old as this is required annually. 

Car requirements and inspection procedures vary from state to state. Please visit see the following websites for more information: 








Driver - Using the App

Can I receive customer support in person?

We often hold meet up events in the cities where we operate.These support events are held for driver-partners interested in signing up to DiDi or seeking face-to-face support.

To find out where and when future DiDi Driver Meet Ups will be held, follow us on our DiDi Australia Driver Facebook page.

Changing my driving preference

To change your driving preference, head to the homepage > tap the icon at the bottom-right > select ‘Set Mode’. You’ll then be able to set Point-to-Point trips or Back-to-Back rides. 

How Acceptance Rate (AR) works

Why do I need to maintain a high Acceptance Rate (AR)?

At DiDi, we believe a high AR provides our riders with a reliable ridesharing service. Your AR is calculated on a daily basis and may decrease if you: 

– Exceed a trip request’s response time

– Skip or decline a trip request

Please note: your AR will not be affected if the rider cancels the trip request within the request’s time limit. 


What happens if I decline too many trip requests?

We understand that you may need to decline a trip request from time to time. However, please keep in mind that declining too many requests can affect riders’ experience. If you feel that you are unable to continue accepting trips, we recommend that you go offline. Please note: if we detect that you have declined or ignored too many requests in a day, we may place a temporary suspension on your account.


How Completion Rate (CR) works

Why do I need to maintain a high Completion Rate (CR)?

At DiDi we believe a high CR provides our riders with a reliable ridesharing service. For this reason, we have set a minimum CR for each city in which DiDi operates. If a rider cancels the trip for one of the following reasons, your CR may be affected:

– You didn’t arrive at the pickup point on time 

– You didn’t make enough progress towards the rider / pickup point

– You started the trip before picking up the rider


What happens if my CR falls below my city’s minimum requirement?

Your Weekly Completion Rate (WCR) is calculated every Monday. If your WCR falls below the Minimum Requirement, you’ll receive a reminder. Your account may also be temporarily suspended. If your WCR is below the Minimum Requirement for four (4) consecutive weeks, your account will unfortunately be deactivated.


How High Demand Works

If rider demand is high in a particular place and time, you’ll be able to see areas of high demand in the app. This will help you receive more requests and increase your earnings.

When are high demand times?

As you’d expect, demand for transportation services increases on weekends, during peak hours and for special events. 

Where are areas of high demand?

To find High Demand Areas, simply head to the map in the DiDi app, this will show you the varying demand for rides across your city. The darker the red is, the more demand it indicates. You can also find rewards for certain areas in the DiDi app.


Driving with DiDi at the airport

Why can’t I receive airport trip requests? 

To receive airport trip requests, you’ll need to accept the relevant terms and conditions of the Airport. You can find them in Settings > Legal. Once complete, you’ll be notified of any airport trips in the DiDi-Driver app.

Please note: always ensure you pick up a rider in the designated Rideshare Pickup / Holding areas.


Where are the Rideshare Pickup / Holding Areas located?

Most airports have their own designated area for rideshare services. Upon entering the airport area, simply follow the signs. If you have any trouble, we suggest viewing the website of the relevant airport for more details. 


What happens if I wait in the airport queue but only receive a short trip? 

After you receive and complete the short trip request, if you return to the airport within 12 hours you will be placed in a priority queue. Only drivers who have completed short trips will be placed in the priority queue.(Please note: short trip means that the actual traveled distance ≤12km)


Why did I lose my place in the queue?

If you leave the queue, you will automatically lose your position. We recommend staying in place to avoid losing your spot!

Driver Suspension

DiDi seeks to promote a safe and reliable ridesharing community. To achieve this, we have introduced some metrics such as the Star Rating system and a minimum requirement for your Acceptance Rate (AR) and Completion Rate (CR).

Behaviour which may affect your Star Rating / CR / AR and lead to your account suspension, includes, but is not limited to:

– Swiping Complete Trip instead of Cancel Trip

– Cancelling multiple trips after acceptance

– Declining multiple trip requests

– Starting multiple trips without picking up the rider

– Starting multiple trips before picking up the rider

– Completing multiple trips without picking up the rider

– Not swiping ‘Complete Trip’ after the rider has left the car

– Making unnecessary detours or stops

For further information on driver suspension, please view our Driver Suspension and Disqualification Policy on the DiDi Legal page:


Can I answer calls while driving?

Generally, fully licenced drivers can only make a call if:

– Their mobile phone is in a secure commercially designed cradle fixed to the car

– Their mobile phone is operated without touching any part of the phone (e.g. Bluetooth or voice activation)

We always recommend that you follow local road rules and regulations when you’re driving and using the DiDi Driver app.


How do I contact a rider?

Once you’ve accepted a trip request, you can contact the rider via message / phone call. To contact your rider:

– Tap the PHONE icon to call 

– Tap the MESSAGE icon to send an in-app message

Please note: for privacy reasons, mobile numbers are kept anonymous for both riders and drivers. If the trip ended within the last 7 days, the rider can contact you directly through the self-help function in the app. Please remind your rider to take all of their belongings with them when the trip has ended! 


How do Point-to-Point trips work?

Point-to-Point trips allow you to limit your trip requests so that they are on the way to the entered destination. Every day, you’ll get 3 opportunities to set a Point-to-Point trip.  

To set a destination simply tap on the menu icon on the bottom right of the home screen. Tap ‘Set Mode’ and set your destination by entering an address. 

Tip: When you’ve finished for the day, set your home destination and DiDi will only show you trip requests heading in that direction.


How do Back-to-Back trips work?

Back-to-Back trips allow you to accept trip requests while finishing up another trip, meaning less waiting and more driving!

If you decline a request when Back-to-Back trips are enabled, your AR will not be affected. However, if you cancel a trip, your CR may be affected and you won’t be able to receive another Back-to-Back Trip request until your next trip.

If ever need to pause Back-to-Back trips, you can disable them on the Trip Details page.




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