How do I sign up as a driver-partner?

You can sign up through the DiDi-Driver app, which you can download through the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

  1. Sign up with your phone number and email address. Enter your basic information and ABN number. Make sure you are GST registered.
  2. Upload the required documents for your state (please see the details in Document Requirements below).
  3. It takes up to 3 business days to review the uploaded documents. Once approved, your account will be active and you can log in to start driving.

NSW: View Driver Required Documents for NSW.

VIC: View Driver Required Documents for VIC.

QLD: View Driver Required Documents for QLD.

Does my vehicle require a vehicle inspection?

Yes, as a DiDi driver-partner, you are required to submit a current commercial passenger vehicle inspection report. A vehicle inspection report must be less than 12 months old as this is required annually. 

  • If you have a current vehicle inspection report you can simply upload it during the sign-up process.
  • If you do not have a current vehicle inspection, you may use Redbook Inspect (approved by Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria) to book a vehicle inspection. To do so, please visit:

    Please note: A $55.00 inspection fee will apply in VIC


Can I receive customer support in person?

We often hold meet up events in the cities where we operate.These support events are held for driver-partners interested in signing up to DiDi or seeking face-to-face support.

To find out where and when future DiDi Driver Meet Ups will be held, follow us on our DiDi Australia Driver Facebook page.

What signage requirements do I need?

While signage requirements differ across each state and territory, drivers must ensure that they comply with the signage requirements applicable to their particular area of operation.

In order to assist drivers with their obligations, DiDi provides the required number of removable window stickers with pre-approved DiDi logo (“DiDi signs”). The DiDi signs are retroreflective, in a square shape and at least 146mm x 146mm in size. If needed, drivers can request additional DiDi signs at one of our Driver Hubs or by contacting us directly.

Please note: it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that the DiDi signs are properly displayed as required by the local regulations. Drivers who fail to comply with the regulatory requirements may be subject to a penalty imposed by local authorities. DiDi will not indemnify any driver for any penalties issued to the driver in relation to the driver’s failure to comply with the relevant signage requirements.

Drivers should carefully review the relevant sections below for the specific requirements applying to them. Please review this section regularly as DiDi may amend these guidelines from time to time to reflect the legislative and regulatory updates. For further and latest information on the relevant regulatory requirements, please refer to the website of the Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (“CPVV”). Drivers can obtain the CPVV sign from their website.

By way of guidance, drivers must ensure that:

  • At least one DiDi sign or CPVV sign is displayed;
  • The DiDi sign or CPVV sign displayed is incapable of being removed by a person seated in the driver’s seat of the vehicle; and
  • The DiDi sign or CPVV sign is clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle.

Tip: Apply the DiDi sign or CPVV sign on the rear windscreen

Drivers must also ensure that, whenever they use their vehicle for purposes other than providing transportation services to passengers using DiDi’s App (ie when you are not logged into DiDi’s App), they remove all DiDi signage from the vehicle.

How to download the DiDi Driver app

To download the DiDi app and get started, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Head to the App Store or Google Play and search for ‘DiDi Driver’
  2. Download and install the DiDi Driver app
  3. Open the app and register using your details

How can I improve my rating?

We asked riders what they appreciate most about drivers, here’s what they valued most:

  • When drivers are friendly and greet riders when they get in and out of the car
  • When drivers offer to assist riders with luggage, without having to ask
  • Riders really enjoy being offered treats such as chewing gum, water and charging cables during the trip
  • When drivers ask if riders have preferred routes or if they would prefer to follow the GPS
  • Clean and tidy cars with minimal odours —You can also find specific rider feedback in your app, under Account > Star Rating.

The following guidelines can also help you stay on top of your rating:

★ Social Cues on Cue

  • Always offer a friendly greeting to riders
  • Keep conversations polite & appropriate
  • Extra tip: Ask riders if there is a radio station they prefer

★ Squeaky Clean Wheels

  • Keep your vehicle clean and free of strong smells
  • Ensure essential functions are working properly

★ Smooth, Safe and Responsible Driving

  • Always follow the speed limit and road rules
  • Ensure riders wear their seatbelt
  • Take regular breaks and avoid fatigue

★ 5-Star Service, 5-Star Rating

  • Arrive at the pickup point on time
  • Check with riders for their preferred route
  • Remind riders to take their belongings 
  • Notify riders of any necessary tolls or fees


Updating your bank details

To update your bank details, please tap the earnings icon on the top-right of the homepage > Bank Information. Please note: currently, only one bank card can be added.

Updating my account information

To update your account information, tap Account (top-left icon) > your profile picture > your name. You can update your name and profile picture here. 

To update your mobile number, password and email, tap Account (top-left icon) > Account Details > Update Account Info. 

To update your car details, follow the same steps and tap My Vehicle.


How do cancellation fees work?

We understand it can be frustrating when your trip is cancelled by a rider. That’s why we’ve got Cancellations Fees in place to keep things fair for all our users. Each city has its own cancellation rules. For details, please visit our Cancellation Policy in the DiDi Driver app > Account > Settings > Legal. 

If you believe you’re missing a Cancellation Fee, please reach out to us by heading to your profile picture > Service Centre > Fare Related > Contact Us > Email Customer Support.





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