Priority Vaccine access

We’re proud to announce that all DiDi Driver-Partners in Victoria have been granted priority access to the COVID-19 Vaccine. 

In January 2021 we appealed to the Federal Minister for Health and Aged Care, and State Transport Ministers to allow rideshare and delivery drivers to be one of the first to receive the vaccine, and be included in the critical and high risk category of the vaccine roll-out. 

Over the past 12 months, drivers have continued to provide essential services to thousands of riders on the DiDi platform.

Accredited Commercial Passenger Vehicle (CPV) Drivers will now be included in Phase 1b of the Australian Government’s COVID-19 vaccination program, beginning on 22 March 2021. 

The COVID-19 vaccine is completely free and voluntary. For more details about the vaccine please visit or see a medical professional. 

Driver-partners can still use the DiDi platform should they choose not to receive it. 

How can drivers book an appointment?

To ensure a smooth and efficient rollout of the vaccine, drivers must register and confirm their details on the CPVV Portal. Registering on the CPVV Portal will provide a digital Driver Accreditation certificate. 

This can be used to demonstrate eligibility for the vaccine at an appointment. 

CPVV will follow up via email with further information on where and when you can receive the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Drivers will be required to show proof of CPV accreditation at their vaccination appointment – Without this accreditation, they may be turned away.

More to come

We’re working in the background to find other ways to support Driver-partners’s access to the vaccine. 

Information on the vaccine program is available in multiple languages at: