NSW Police Force Prohibition Notice

DiDi has been issued a Prohibition Notice in relation to the planned and unauthorised protest which is scheduled to occur in Sydney on Saturday 18 September 2021 from 9.00am to 3.00pm AEST.

In accordance with the NSW Point to Point Transport (Taxis and Hire Vehicles) Act 2016, the Prohibition Notice prohibits the provision of Point-to-Point passenger transport services in Sydney CBD, surrounding areas, and Alexandria.

To prevent community transmission of COVID-19 and reduce public safety risk, Point-to-Point passenger transport providers including DiDi have been prohibited from providing a public transport service to any passenger whose destination is at a location in the Sydney CBD, surrounding areas, and Alexandria as shown in the map below.

Failure to comply with this Prohibition Notice carries significant penalties for individuals.

Safety First

Exceeding Local Government Regulations

DiDi enforces all local government regulations. All drivers must pass numerous document verifications and the required background checks including being accredited to drive in the state they are driving in. There are limitations in the DiDi app to how many hours a driver can be driving for to combat driver fatigue. All vehicles must not exceed the set age of the state they are driving in and must pass an initial inspection and their yearly check-ups.

Partnering up with Law Enforcement

DiDi will assist law enforcement agencies with all investigation requests. Helping the police helps to keep our community safer.

Community guidelines

We want to look out for each and every member of our community. The following guidelines are meant to ensure that drivers and riders will feel safe, respected, and at ease while using the DiDi app.  [Learn more→ ]

Listening to our Community

Our community is powered by self-reflection. We are always looking for opportunities to improve. We use such listening tools as regular safety surveys, our customer service channels, the Driver Advisory Council, focus groups and other research methods to ensure the features and procedures we create are fit for you. You can even click here to provide feedback!

How we handle safety incidents

We take all reports of safety incidents seriously. Our dedicated 24/7 Incident Response team was designed to assist whenever required and make decisions that keep our community safe. This team has been specifically trained to handle all types of cases with fairness, empathy and care. Our 24/7 Incident Response team performs full investigations to ensure fair and logical resolutions are met.

Learn more about Driver Safety